Ester Marchisano

I have always loved any kinds of art. My passion for painting began at the age of 14 during high school, I attended the art institute and discovered this little talent, until then I was not aware of it. Art has always been inside me. In the following years I have experienced art as a passion, as a means to connect with the deepest part of me and meditate. I love to paint mainly for this! I paint for myself, to express that hidden part, known only to a few people. I am a traveler, an eternal dreamer, a woman who makes freedom her philosophy of life. I hate labels, I always need to renew myself, for me life is a continuous discovery, inside and outside of me, so I know that I will never be able to adapt to a stereotyped society. In 2018 I meet Africa on my path and I fall madly in love with it. In March 2020, I am forced to return to Italy due to the closure of the borders. I suffer greatly from this sudden detachment from Africa, something inside me breaks and I decide to start painting again. It all arises spontaneously! I used to bringing my emotions, my passions on canvas, and in this moment everything speaks about Africa! This is how painting helped me to partially rediscover the connection with this land. It helped me to feel it, to relive it through what was painting. So some of the works are born, made with the immense love that this magnificent land has been able to give me. Anytime i look at my works i see light that illuminates a dark moment.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

― Oscar Wilde